Pete Neild Ancestry Research JRP0118

March 9, 2020
Pete Neild, ancestry, british, irish, immigration, John Riley Project, JRP0118

Pete Neild joined us to discuss his own ancestry journey researching his family history.  We go through his family letters, discuss some of the adventures of his ancestors, and compare notes with my own Ancestry research.  This led us into a discussion of a wide variety of issues including the differences between the British and Irish, British social stratification, nature vs nurture and much more.  We also followed up on my previous Super Tuesday podcast about voting strategy, the notion of voting as a social responsibility or duty and a range of issues local to Poway.

We discuss a wide range of people and topics including Czech Republic, Daytona Motor Speedway, Corvette, Calypso, Ellis Island, immigration, War on Drugs, drug cartels, Oliver North, Ronald Reagan, Iran Contra Affair, Brexit, Corona Virus, China, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Brian Maienschein, June Yang Cutter, lesser of evils, Providence, Jesse James, Marquesas Islands, Paradise, Forbestown, Butte, Marysville, Oroville, San Francisco, Kinsale, Ireland, County Cork, Gold Rush, marijuana, Van Dam Peak, Nick Neild, Just Bee,, Eureka Valley, Big Stone Lodge

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