Pete Neild, Mission Across America

June 12, 2019
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Pete Neild shared his incredible adventure traveling cross country fulfilling a promise to his deceased mother.  It’s a story of family, childhood memories, Corvettes, America the Beautiful and the special people you meet along the way.

Pete’s journey across America touched the cities and places of Poway, San Diego, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Fort Smith, Bowling Green, Richmond, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, ADorrien Point, Nags Head, Lincoln RI, Bridgeport, Ithaca, Berkshires, Syracuse, Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Mississippi River, The Confluence, Kansas City, Dotsero, Colorado River, Grand Junction, Utah, Las Vegas and back home to Poway.

No story with Pete would be complete without discussing his Corvette Calypso.  Pete shares his experience driving on the motor sports tracks at the Corvette facility in Bowling Green Kentucky, getting on the track at Watkins Glen and trying to break through at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

We touch on a range of other topics including windfarms, solar panels, snow in Arizona in May, Music Highway, Route 66, tornadoes, broken windshields, Super 8, Motel 6, Great Road House Tour, Route 86, Discount Tire, St. Luke’s Church, “9 is fine”, refusing to pay a toll, UPS, trucker etiquette, catching a tail wind, studying the data of the trip and so much more.


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