Podcast Development, Thoughts for 2019

December 26, 2018
John Riley Project podcast showcases bobbleheads for Tony Gwynn, Jean Luc Picard, Gus, Einstein, Negan and Trevor Hoffman.

So much is happening with my project since the political season ended. I learned so much during September and October simply getting this podcast project off the ground, interviewing guests and much more. I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything went right out of the gate.

After Election Day I took a break to decompress, think and experiment. So many different thoughts were flowing. Here’s an update:

I am really enjoying this project. It’s fun meeting new people, sharing my thoughts, learning from my guests, ramping up my knowledge about the technology and so much more. I am constantly thinking about the project and what I hope to do next. I am truly stimulated with this adventure (but in a legal way!) It’s wonderful to immerse myself in it as I feel a great sense of creativity and freedom. It’s a ton of work, but it is so enjoyable. What’s that old adage? Do what you love…

I know that if I want to take this to the next level that I will need help. So I have begun partnering with a few key people. I am working with a graphic artist to help me develop a new logo and brand identity. I hope to roll this out shortly after the New Year. I am also working with an AV pro to help me optimize my video production quality. Already this help has made a big difference. Keep learning, keep growing.

I have decided to make this project a more professional and profitable venture. As a result, I am exploring ways to generate revenue by attracting sponsors and donors. Other podcasters have done remarkably well building a successful podcast business model, so why not me? At minimum I am hopeful to generate enough revenue to pay for my expenses and put a few bucks in my pocket to enjoy. But I think there are far greater opportunities ahead of me.

In order to make this a profitable venture, it is necessary to build an audience. So I am committing to creating more content to attract listeners and viewers. The interview podcasts will continue, but I expect to supplement this with more solo podcasts focused both on San Diego North County Inland topics, as well as regional and national issues across a wide series of topics. Ultimately I am going to explore areas I enjoy and hope my audience enjoys the ride with me.

As another means of building an audience, I have begun a social media campaign sharing messages consistent with my own point of view, personality and interests. We are now building graphics showcasing quotes from famous people that I find inspirational, powerful or simply entertaining. I expect to mix in more of my own messages along the way. I have always been a solid contributor to Facebook and Twitter, but now this effort is helping me blaze a trail in Instagram too.

During December I purchased a green screen and began experimenting with it in the JRP podcast studio. It turns out to be a perfect solution to allow me to have 2 permanent sets: one for sit down interviews and one for solo podcasts. I tried, failed, tested and eventually succeeded with the green screen experiment. There is more to learn here, but it offers a great way to present a more professional and unique set design for the solo podcasts. There are so many creative ways to use this technology.

I did a few remote podcasts during December capturing footage at various events. I expect to do more of this and build on it as I grow and learn. This gives me a great way to capture my own adventures while I am out on the road and to share important local topics with my audience.

The interview podcasts will need to be the primary content that I offer. In my opinion, they offer the most depth of content and give me the greatest opportunity to grow an audience. For me personally, the interview podcasts are the most rewarding because of the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.

The solo and remote podcasts will be supplemental, but a close second place. During the interview podcasts it is all about the guest, but in the solo podcasts I can share my thoughts without a filter. That’s so rewarding to me personally. It’s expression. It’s free speech. It’s sharing my point of view with others and encouraging a dialogue. Great stuff.

Thinking of creating a podcast for yourself? It’s a wild ride. You might just enjoy it.

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