Individual Initiative, JRP0164

September 18, 2020

Politics often comes down to group warfare.  Essentially trying to use govt to exert power over another.  We discuss this idea and then juxtapose it with taking individual initiative as you work to improve your own life.  We get into local issues here in Poway that are likely common local issues in cities throughout California and beyond:  housing, development, and the greater impact on the community.  We also get into the craziness of the 2020 Presidential race and how so much is devolving into tribalism rather than a rational discussion of big ideas.  I get into the Leaving California trend.  I also share my own story as a child, teenager, and adult where I took individual initiative and experienced great rewards.


We also discuss a range of other people and places including the Poway, Caylin Frank, Steve Dow, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, League of Women Voters, Fairfield, U-Haul, Gary Johnson, Fallon, San Francisco Examiner, data brokers, podcast, Nike


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