Candy Cane Lane, Elon Musk WSJ Interview, JRP0262

December 16, 2021

Last week I experienced the positive energy and festivities along Poway’s Candy Cane Lane (or should I say Candy Cane Courts). To say that this community “decorates in excess” is an understatement! We discuss the history, the planning, and the mob scene that shows up at Candy Cane Lane in a small corner of Poway.

We also explore a wide range of issues in Poway including the Mayor Vaus recall, the 2022 election, development along Poway Rd, slow vs fast growth, and the concept of representative government. A special guest joined us to discuss all of the above, including a possible candidacy for city council in 2022.

Finally, we broke down the recent Elon Musk interview with the Wall Street Journal. There were so many topics covered including the federal government deficit, the role of government in the economy, Tesla, SpaceX, autonomous driverless cars, infrastructure, EV charging stations, estate tax and so much more. We even had some fun commenting on the trend of political and business leaders with their unusual hairstyles.

Somewhere in the podcast episode we also comment on the new COVID mask mandate in California and the approval of SANDAG’s $160B regional transportation plan. This podcast episode is all over the place!

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