Poway Cronyism, Rancho Bernardo Roads, Joe Biden in San Diego

March 16, 2023
San Diego News Update. John Riley and Pete Neild discuss Poway Cronyism, Rancho Bernardo Roads, and Joe Biden's visit to San Diego

Pete Neild joined me to cover a wide range of topic in this San Diego News Update podcast episode. We cover Poway/Rancho Bernardo issues, San Diego regional news, Joe Biden’s visit to San Diego, and US foreign policy issues with China and Russia.

Poway Cronyism

We saw so much money flowing into Poway’s November election. Turns out that one of the main people behind one of the most influential Political Action Committees ends up getting appointed by Mayor Vaus to a city committee.

Rancho Bernardo Roads

Pete Neild enjoys driving his Corvette Calypso all over San Diego. He can vouch that Ted Williams Parkway and Carmel Mountain Road are a mess. Pete also thinks the Poway roads are not as good as some people think.

Blacks Beach Immigration Tragedy

Pete and John comment on the tragic loss of 8 lives as immigrants attempt to land at Black’s Beach in La Jolla. This invites discussion of immigration and Friendship Park in Imperial Beach.

Silicon Valley Bank’s Mess is impacting people in San Diego

We breakdown the Silicon Valley Bank cluster, wonder how the FDIC is covering it all, and comment how the mess is affecting people in San Diego.

President Biden’s Visit to San Diego

Joe Biden’s recent trip to San Diego was quite the spectacle. Air Force One lands at North Island and then Osprey’s take POTUS to the Del Mar Polo Fields to meet with foreign leaders. The Biden visit closed down airspace for a time and caused the San Diego State Aztecs plane to be late for their March Madness trip to Orlando FL.

Nuclear Submarine Agreement: USA, UK, Australia (AUSUK)

Pete is a submarine veteran so we had some interesting discussion of the nuclear powered submarine deal between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. This led to further discussion of keeping the peace in the South China Sea and the trade routes from East Asia to the Indian Ocean.

Ukraine Russia War

There was plenty to comment about the conflict in Eastern Europe. Pete spent time in the Black Sea area when he served in the military. We also discuss the “don’t get involved” crowd as it relates to this conflict and America’s entry into WW2.

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Pete Neild Info:

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Pete’s Sea Stories Project: https://www.seestories.online/

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