Poway Elections Comments, California/San Diego Propositions

November 2, 2022
poway elections, california propositions, san diego, john riley project

There is one week to go until Election Day and the drama in the Poway elections is heating up! Pete Neild joined me to cover a range of issues and candidates in this Poway Elections Preview episode.

Poway Elections Drama

We discuss the Holly Oak community’s objection to the new development along Poway Road, as well as the “solidarity press conference” that was organized and then later cancelled. We discuss the proposed housing development, housing density, architecture, street entrances, and an overall frustration with Poway city leaders on communication.

Then Pete and I shared our thoughts on the recent Amit Asaravala podcast. We discussed changing voter registration demographics in Poway as well as the huge influx of outside money into this election cycle. We break down more of the specifics on the money spent by PACs, developers, and locals, including the financial data on the Democratic endorsed candidates. Amit is the President of the Poway Democratic Club.

We share predictions and comments on each race. Do the challengers have enough to knock off an incumbent? Or an incumbent endorsed candidate? Will this election cycle be different?

California and San Diego County Propositions

Then Pete and I break down the California Propositions. So many topics there including abortion, gambling, kidney dialysis, EVs, wildfire protection, tax increases, and cigarettes. Plus, we examine the local San Diego County measures covering topics of cannabis, taxes, school bonds, childcare, trash pickup, building height limitations, and childcare.

Wow, so much in this podcast. Almost 3 hours! We even had an argument amongst members of our livestream audience. Oh, the drama!

Special thanks to our livestream audience for the great comments and questions.

Thank you!

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