Poway Life Time Fitness, Presidential Debate

June 26, 2024
John Riley discusses Poway Life Time Fitness, Presidential Debate

I enjoy covering local news issues, so we will be doing a deep dive on the latest with the planned Life Time Fitness at The Farm in Poway. Some locals are opposing the project and micromanaging the details. Plus, we will discuss the upcoming presidential debate, SCOTUS social media ruling, and Trump on Green Cards. Got a question or comment? Drop your take in the live chat on Facebook, X, or YouTube and I will get you involved in the San Diego Community Forum.

It’s Wednesday, June 26, 2024. This is what John Riley thinks.

Developments at Life Time Fitness at The Farm in Poway

  • Constant Micromanaging of Life Time Fitness (square footage, traffic, wages, parking, fees, etc.)
  • Measure P reset
  • New Life Time plan considered by City Council July 16th
    • Will Council approve package? Approve it to go to ballot? Or reject it?
    • Updated application submitted May 29th.
    • Not a minor modification. Will require a majority vote of the people. (Nov 5th)
  • Chris Cruse recommended contacting the council and making memes. Good Idea!
  • Sent email to council, everyone responded except my representative! Read letter. Share responses.
  • Poway City Council (councilmembers@poway.org):
    • Seems there is another movement of opposition to the Life Time Fitness facility in The Farm. Certain community organizers are encouraging Powegians to write to the City Council expressing opposition.
    • I would like to offer an alternative point of view.
    • I support Property Rights. People across Poway shouldn’t have the right micromanage how a property owner chooses to manage his/her property.
    • America’s founding values are expressed in our inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Property rights are a natural extension of your right to your own life. If one cannot use their property resources for productive purposes (particularly if there are no damages created to others), then an interference in one’s property is an interference in one’s right to their own life.
    • Legally speaking, I realize that the Measure P situation likely means that it will need to go to a public vote. But from a moral point of view, I object.
    • Also…  the proposed plan by Life Time looks pretty good to me and my family. In fact, we were just discussing this over the weekend. Both my wife and daughter are hopeful the project is approved. They like all of the proposed amenities.
    • Thank you.
    • John Riley
    • Responses
      • Caylin Frank
        • Hi John, Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your thoughts. My understanding is that the voter initiative requires major modifications to go back to the voters so I feel that needs to be honored. But I understand your perspective on it. Hope you are doing well! Caylin
      • Brian Pepin
        • Hi John, Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for emailing. I always appreciate your perspective; I’ll take it into consideration when LifeTime presents their proposal to the City Council this summer. Thank you. -Brian
      • Anita Edmonston
      • Hi John. Good hearing from you – I hope you’re doing well! And thanks for weighing in on the Life Time Fitness proposal from your point of view. I appreciate your insights. As you are aware, the application is currently under review by city staff and council has not yet received a report or recommendation. I will be taking all input into consideration if/when the matter comes before council. In case you didn’t already receive the attached information directly from the city, I am including it here. It provides additional background on the application, the process, and its relationship to The Farm development. Best regards, Anita Edmondson
    • Steve Vaus
      • Thanks John – good to hear from you. SV
    • Peter DeHoff (my representative in District 3)
      • No Response. LOL
  • Made a meme.
    • Support Property rights. How to frame it?
    • First political issue I considered was School Choice.
    • Then abortion while in college.
      • Adult topic! (some discussion at Catholic Church as a kid)
      • Growing up!
      • Your body is your own. You own you. Your choice.
      • Not that different from School Choice issue. Your life, your choice.
    • Property rights are a natural extension of your right to your own life.
    • Karen micromanaging
    • Made a meme: My Body, My Choice (show on screen)
    • Reaction was over the top. LOL.
      • It’s a pro-woman, pro-choice message. Yet they take offense.
      • Objection to body as property. People thinking I approve of slavery. LOL.
      • Your body is yours. Your body is your property. You own you.
        • My Body, My Choice (possessive)
      • Same is true of your property.
        • If one cannot use their property resources for productive purposes (particularly if there are no damages created to others), then an interference in one’s property is an interference in one’s right to their own life.
      • Property? Or Control?
        • Certainly, they want to control and micromanage other people’s property.
        • But they don’t want others to micromanage or control their body.
        • It’s hypocrisy.
      • These people are not liberal.
        • Oxford definition: relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

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Presidential Debate excluding RFK.

  • Pet Peeve
    • Unlimited options in America, Diversity in America, but not in Presidential Debate.Coke or Pepsi
    • Pick one! Or you are wasting your vote.
  • Where is the Independent Candidate?
    • Almost always just Rep vs Dem. Never mind that in 2022, 43% of U.S. adults identified as independents, 27% as Republicans and 27% as Democrats. Independents first outnumbered supporters of both major political parties in 1991 and have continued to do so since then, except in several years between 2004 and 2008. (Gallup Poll Jan 12)
  • Debate history.
    • 1980: Reagan vs Carter vs John Anderson
      • First time only Reagan vs Anderson. Carter absent.
      • Second time Reagan vs Carter. Anderson not invited.
    • 1984: Reagan vs Mondale (funny moment)
    • 1988: Bush vs Dukakis
      • abandoned League of Women Voters
      • in favor of Commission on Presidential Debates – Corporate America
    • 1992: Bush vs Clinton vs Perot
    • 1996: Dole vs Clinton
      • Raised poll threshold (5% to 15%?)
      • Perot left out by commission “no realistic chance” (self-fulfilling)
      • Perot and Harry Browne on all 50 state ballots
    • 2000: GWB vs Gore
    • 2004: GWB vs Kerry
    • 2008: Obama vs McCain
    • 2012: Obama vs Romney
    • 2016: Trump vs Clinton
    • 2020: Trump vs Biden
    • 2024: Trump vs Biden
  • If a candidate is not on the presidential debate stage, they are not considered a serious candidate. Then they are largely dismissed by the media and voters.
  • So why not RFK?
    • Claim he has not qualified on enough state ballots.
      • Never mind the fact that neither Trump nor Biden are qualified (they are not the nominee yet)
      • Turned in signatures, but states have not processed them all.
    • Claim he didn’t rank high enough in polls.
      • Was excluded in some polls.
      • Qualified in other national polls, but not accepted.
  • So now we are stuck with two decrepit old guys with awful policies.
  • Here we go again….  Neither candidate represents most Americans.


Lee Hacksaw Hamilton

A few quick hits.

  • SCOTUS decision on social media.
    • Says it is legal for the federal government to contact and pressure social media companies to take down disinformation.
    • This is a violation of the 1A.
    • Who decides what is disinformation?
    • I like Community Notes in X.
  • Trump floated idea of replacing income tax with tariffs.
    • Tariffs are a tax on the American people. (Trump lies, says China pays it)
    • Tariffs benefit the few at the expense of the many.
    • Tariffs make products more expensive, thus subtracting cash that could otherwise be spent or invested in economy.
    • If a foreign nation is subsidizing products, we should buy as much of it as we would like.
    • I like the idea of abolishing income tax.
    • I would replace it with a dramatically smaller govt funded by fees and pro-choice funding.
  • Trump floated idea of giving college grads (2 year or 4 year) an automatic green card
    • Great idea! Shocked Trump would recommend this.
    • We need more workers in America
    • We should invite those already here getting educated to stay to help build America
    • His recommendation was more broad based than my original proposal of only SALT bachelors degrees
    • MAGAts quickly complained.
    • Trump spokesperson backtracked.

Thank you.

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