Poway Parks, Facebook Whistleblower, JRP0255

October 8, 2021
poway parks, facebook whistleblower, john riley project, JRP0255

Controversy in Poway! Free Range Kids invading our Poway parks!

We break down the City of Poway’s plan to open up Starridge Park to Poway Girls Softball, including the objections from the local neighbors.

Are neighborhood Poway parks just for neighbors? When is a public good not good for the public? We break it all down.

We also get into Poway infrastructure improvements, Poway water, and all of the development projects occurring in Poway.

Shout out to Hiram Soto and his new venture: The Powegian. https://www.thepowegian.org/

We discuss the Facebook whistle blower and the way the Facebook algorithm works to serve up content in their news feed.

OMG. Facebook is delivering content that people want and making money at it!

What is government’s role? Is this about protecting the children or giving politicians greater power to control the narrative?

We also discuss upcoming Poway elections, candidates Brian Pepin and Tony Russo, and the potential of a recall of Poway Mayor Steve Vaus.

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