San Diego News Update June 7: Poway Politics, Homelessness, Archie Moore, Steve Garvey

June 7, 2023
John Riley discusses San Diego News, Poway Politics, Homelessness, Archie Moore, Steve Garvey

Last night I attended the Poway City Council meeting. I have lots to talk about including Poway banning homeless encampments, the replacement of Barry Leonard, money in politics, and Life Time Fitness at The Farm. Plus, we discuss Archie Moore, San Diego Roads, Steve Garvey for CA Senate, Ed Franklin, and more. We will take your comments and questions in the San Diego Community Forum.

It’s Wednesday June 7, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Poway City Council Observations

I hadn’t been to a city council meeting in a while. It was great hearing some of the issues hashed out by both public speakers and elected officials. As a podcaster, it was special meeting some folks that listen or watch my show. Nice to make those human connections.

Poway chooses to replace Barry Leonard with an Appointment/Election Hybrid

Poway has a history of appointing people to council to fill out a person’s term. I figured this was the route they would take in replacing resigning councilmember Barry Leonard. The public was overwhelmingly for an election. Steve Vaus proposed a hybrid model. They will appoint someone with a pledge they will not run in the November 2024 election.

Money in Poway Politics

California’s new SB1439 bill requires that elected officials recuse themselves from voting on issues that involve a donor that gave over $250. But $250 is the campaign donation limit for Poway. Does that mean SB1439 is moot in Poway? Or do indirect funds to PACs and non-profits count too?

Life Time Fitness Update at The Farm in Poway

The Poway City Council says they cannot do anything since there is no formal proposal before them. That’s true. But locals know the developer’s plan is to put in a Life Time Fitness center that likely violates the voter’s will with Measure P. Mayor Vaus says there is a lot of misinformation swirling in social media. Is JRP part of the problem? LOL

Poway Bans Homeless Encampments

San Diego implemented a rule that authorities can remove homeless encampments if there is a shelter bed nearby. Now Poway has enacted a similar rule. After all, the San Diego homeless could end up in Poway.

Archie Moore, Any Body Can Youth Foundation

What a great fundraiser hosted by the ABC Youth Foundation for troubled youth. I attended a very well run and safe youth boxing match at St. Augustine High School. Bravo to the athletes, families and organizers that made this event possible.

San Diego Finally Repairing Roads in Rancho Bernardo, Westwood

The Witch Creek Fire was in 2007 but the damage to the roads has still not been resolved. The reconstruction has been over for some time, but then authorities had trouble coming up with the $5M to fund this project in the Westwood community of Rancho Bernardo. Why is it so hard to get local government officials to focus on their primary tasks?

Steve Garvey for CA Senate?

Former Dodger and Padre, Steve Garvey, is flirting with the idea of running for US Senate as a Republican. After his career ended in 1987, he considered running for senate, but his flirting with extramarital affairs derailed his political future. These days that’s no longer a disqualifier.

Ed Franklin Livestream Podcast, Tuesday June 13th at 7pm

Join Ed and I as we discuss podcasting and a wide range of other topics. We’ll take your questions and comments in the livestream.

San Diego Community Forum

We discuss San Diego roads, Cox Cable, cutting the cord, Carlsbad Gay Pride Flag, Highway 56, mass transit, electric vehicles, Poway politics and Rickey Henderson.

Closing Quote

From Chrissy on The Sopranos (not original author): “Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. There was no one there.

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