Poway Protesters, JRP0081

October 14, 2019
Poway Protesters, Trump, John Riley Project, JRP0081

A Pleasant Valley Sunday in Poway? Not so for the Poway Protesters.  A very vibrant, positive group of political activists have been protesting against President Trump in Poway for 2.5 years and now the Pro Trump group has taken over the corner across the street. We decided to check in and see what was happening.

The activists demonstrate at the intersection of Twin Peaks Rd and Pomerado Rd every Sunday morning from 11am-12noon.  Zeke and I had a chance to visit with the them and we learned a great deal.  This podcast contains interviews with Kate Tilton on the Anti-Trump street corner and Russell Zimmera on the Pro-Trump street corner, as well as our initial expectations, observations on the scene and analysis after the fact.

If you have the chance, I encourage you to watch this on YouTube as we captured video footage of the protesters, their enthusiasm and their colorful flags and signs.  There was a tremendous amount of energy shown by the demonstrators and the people driving by at this very busy intersection.

This podcast has a whole lot of good, but we also share some of the bad and ugly that we witnessed… from people you may not expect.

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