San Diego News Update May 4: Poway Resignation, Hwy 56, Nathan Fletcher, Escondido, Imperial Beach

May 5, 2023
John Riley discusses San Diego News Update May 4: Poway Resignation, Hwy 56, Nathan Fletcher, Escondido, Imperial Beach

Poway’s City Council is under fire for the possibility of violating the voter’s will. Now we have a Poway resignation on the city council. The Drama! Escondido has a serious problem with their parks and budget. Imperial Beach wants to change their election rules. Plus, there’s more to the Nathan Fletcher saga. So much happening in San Diego County!

It’s Thursday May 4, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Poway Resignation: Councilman Barry Leonard Steps Down

In a surprise, Barry Leonard has decided to step down due to “changes in life”. Leonard had been rumored to be a future mayoral candidate. Interestingly, Leonard covers Poway’s District 2, which is where The Farm – Life Time Fitness controversy is brewing. How should Leonard be replaced? Appointment or election?

Widen Highway 56: Good for commuters, but bad for environment?

City leaders finally broke down and agreed to widen a portion of Highway 56. They are upset that the area was not built with mass transit in mind. Will this solve the congestion or just encourage more car use, and thus more pollution?

Nathan Fletcher Replacement Election Announced

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors announced that Fletcher would not be replaced by an appointment. This will go to an election in August. Right wing activist Carl DeMaio still predicts that Fletcher will recant his resignation.

Amy Reichert Running for Fletcher’s Seat

Can a moderate Republican win a district that is held by a progressive? Reichert will put this tot the test. Reichert wants to address San Diego’s high cost of living, homelessness, and public safety.

Amy Landers is an Escondido Super Hero

The restrooms in Escondido’s parks are disgusting. The city claims they don’t have the funding to solve the problem. Now Amy Landers is doing deep cleans of these bathrooms on her own, and sharing the results on TikTok.

Dane White’s Budget Problem in Escondido

Escondido is mired in deficits and their city services are suffering. They have tried multiple times to increase the sales tax rate, but the voters say no. What can Escondido do to fix their budget? Perhaps they need to ask themselves hard questions about the fundamental role of local government.

Fast Charging an EV in 5 minutes? It’s possible with EV Battery Swapping.

Electric Vehicle technology is moving at the speed of light. Now a new company is partnering with EV manufacturer Fisker to install stations that remove and replace your battery.

Imperial Beach Election Rules

Different cities have different election rules when it comes to fundraising limits and signage. Now Mayor Paloma Aguirre wants to create limits on fundraising and stricter sign rules. Is this a scheme to protect incumbents from the efforts of challengers?

San Diego Community Forum: Poway Unified, SDG&E, EVs, Homelessness, San Diego Roads

In our Community Forum segment, we hear from livestream viewers and YouTube commenters. The people of San Diego have something to say about what is happening in their local community.

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Thank you to our livestream participants in the Community Forum. Thank you to all that listen and view.

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