San Diego News Update April 26: Poway Unified to Supreme Court, San Diego Renter Protections, EVs

April 26, 2023
John Riley discusses Poway Unified heading to Supreme Court, San Diego Renter Protections, and Electric Vehicles.

Poway Unified is in the news…. Again! Now a free speech case is coming before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, politicians are trying to protect renters and protect the homeless, but their policies end up making the housing crisis even worse.

It’s Wednesday, April 26, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Poway Unified School District first amendment case before Supreme Court

Poway School Board members Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff and TJ Zane (no longer in office), blocked their constituents from speech on their social media pages. Christopher and Kimberly Garnier have been long time critics of the school districts policies and demanded that the school board hold corrupt superintendent John Collins accountable. Should public officials be able to thwart free speech on their social media accounts, even when they discuss policy issues?

Coronado and Oceanside School Districts sue Facebook, Google, TikTok and Twitter

Of course, social media is impacting children. It has an addictive quality and sadly some kids engage in cyber bullying. Is this the time to sue technology companies? Or is this a teaching opportunity on how to best integrate social media in your life? Focus on reason, rationality, and not living second handed.

San Diego Renter Protections

If a property owner fulfills the terms of the lease agreement, but then decides to have the tenant vacate the property, does that make them a bad person? San Diego officials want to force landlords to pay 2-3 months of rent if they evict a tenant for no-fault. Sometimes landlords want to upgrade the property, move back in, sell the property, or just move on from troublesome tenants. Landlords have property rights, right?

Renters upset about Ratio Billing for Utilities. Pay your fair share!

In older apartment buildings, there are no specific electric, gas, and water meters for each unit. So, property owners use a formula to share those costs amongst the tenants. Now tenants are upset that they are paying more than they should. Isn’t this how socialism and collectivism always seem to work? Some pay more than their fair share. Others freeload off others.

SDG&E Rates Based on Income are Nonsense

In a recent letter to the editor, a Poway resident expressed his frustration with SDG&E’s proposal to base electric rates on income. Is this another income redistribution scheme?

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria has had it with homelessness.

Public officials are facing a moral dilemma. Do they push out the homeless from encampments since they are there illegally and don’t have property rights? Or is doing so inhumane? Seems like Todd Gloria is ready to get more aggressive to push the homeless out.

Should the government buy housing for the homeless?

The San Diego Housing Commission is planning to buy 3 Extended Stay America motels at the price of $383,000 per unit to house the homeless. Promising idea?

San Diego Electric Vehicles Surging

Over 10,000 EVs were sold in San Diego County in the first quarter of 2023. California now has over 1.5 zero emission vehicles. It’s clear what direction this is headed. Get on board or get left out.

LA Times Opinion Article: Give up on EV?

An LA Times editorialist is fed up with the challenges of charging their EV on road trips. But is it really that hard? If you have a home charging station, that should satisfy 90% of your needs.

San Diego Community Forum: Low Riders, SDG&E, San Diego Roads, Rancho Bernardo Cannabis

In our Community Forum segment, we hear from livestream viewers and YouTube commenters. The people of San Diego have something to say about what is happening in their local community.

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Thank you to our livestream participants in the Community Forum. Thank you to all that listen and view.

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