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March 1, 2021

We discuss Poway Mayor Steve Vaus’ appearance on KUSI and his update on construction, housing, a new community center, open space, and other updates on our “City in the Country”.  We also discuss bills being discussed in Sacramento to overcome NIMBYism and make greater density building easier in cities throughout the state.  We also discuss the great work of Poway realtor Wendy Carter and her assessment of the Poway Real Estate market.  We also touch on the Mayor’s invitation to speak at a global mayor conference to discuss anti-Semitism and the tragedy at the Chabad of Poway in 2019.  Finally, we discuss the City of San Diego’s government’s failure to really address the housing crisis properly.  Plus, we sneak in one of the great quotes from Milton Friedman that explain the flawed execution of the San Diego City Council.

#Poway #NIMBY #SanDiegoHousing

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