The Poway water system has been compromised and the community is buzzing.  We explore the issue, the reactions of our neighbors, the actions of our local leaders and all of the chirping, blaming and politicization of the issue.  We also take a close look at the Duncan Hunter resignation and his decision to plead guilty to campaign finance violations.  But we learn a new nugget of information about Hunter’s finances that completely blew us away.  Then we take a close look at the City of Carlsbad and their efforts to relax laws that were aggressively violating first amendment rights.

We share thoughts on so many other people and issues including Steve Vaus, Caylin Frank, Joel Anderson, Boil Water Advisory, BWA, Lake Poway, County Department of Health, Original Pancake House, Players Sports Grille, In-n-Out, East County Magazine, witch hunt, President Trump, Duncan Hunter Sr., expressive activities, Poway protesters, free speech.

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