Pursuing Happiness in a Housing Crisis, JRP0278

June 22, 2022
housing crisis, pursuit of happiness, john riley project, jrp0278

How can you pursue your happiness in a housing crisis? Or better yet, how can you not violate the right of others to do the same?

Housing Crisis

We examine the housing crisis and the unintended consequences of central planning. Despite do-gooders’ best efforts to make housing affordable, we have homelessness and insane housing prices. We explore the $1 million per unit “low income” housing units and the regulations that make them so expensive.

It’s nice to see open-minded people changing the rules in San Diego. A 443-unit apartment building is going up in downtown San Diego near Petco Park. This complex will only have fifty-two parking spots. Where will people park? Can this work? It sure can for renters that will be enjoying rental prices 20-25% less expensive than comparable units in the same area. This building with micro-units will serve as a quasi-affordable housing complex.

Then we take a closer look at the Oak Knoll housing project in Poway that is under review by the City Council. Local activists Chris Cruse and Hiram Soto have objections to this “sardine can” housing complex. Is Poway “governed by the whim of developers” or is allowing this construction consistent with property rights? Are property owners and developers allowed to pursue their happiness, or should their rights to do so be violated?

SCOTUS and School Choice

I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly pleased about the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow school vouchers at private religious schools. Unlocking government’s near monopoly on education will open up a wide range of innovative schools offering a range of specialized curricula.

If Pell Grants and the GI Bill can be used as a voucher at private, religious universities, then it seems consistent to allow school vouchers to do the same in K-12 education.

Netflix Series Dark

I really enjoyed series about four families in a small German town dealing with missing children, complicated relationships, a suspect nuclear power plant, and mysterious caves. This show took it all to a great sci-fi level by introducing a time travel plot line that made the story lines complex and enjoyable. Philosophically I was disappointed with their focus on fate and determinism, but free will wins at the end of the final season. I strongly recommend this series. Critics widely praise it: IMDB 8.7, Rotten Tomatoes 95%. English overdubs and subtitles work very well.

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