Putin, Trudeau, Vaus, and the Pursuit of Happiness, JRP0268

February 23, 2022
Putin, Trudeau, Steve Vaus, Poway, John Riley Project, JRP0268

Putin Justifying Invasion of Ukraine based on Blood and Religion

Russian troops are at the Ukrainian border and invasion is imminent! Biden is trying to negotiate but doing so on weak footing. Meanwhile Trump is calling Putin a “genius” for his strategy. What in the hell is going on here? While these political leaders are consumed with tribalism, they are missing the opportunity to oppose Putin on the moral basis of our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Justin Trudeau Emergency Orders Violating Individual Rights

The truckers had a righteous cause opposing the vaccine mandate, but their “Freedom Convoy” ended up violating the liberty of Canadians to pursue their happiness. It was a mess and now Trudeau is making it worse. Trudeau’s emergency powers are leading to police brutality in the streets and the seizing of financial assets with out due process or trial. How can you pursue your happiness in an environment like this?

The Failed Recall of Poway Mayor Steve Vaus

They never got enough signatures to get the recall on the ballot. I really wish the recall spokesperson Chris Olps could have joined me on a podcast conversation to make the case for the recall, but he never responded to requests. So, I break down all of the grievances and share my thoughts and comments. It is interesting that the primary objection of the recall proponents is the massive development in Poway. That development is an example of Poway property owners and future Poway residents pursuing their happiness. We look at tribalism here in our hometown of Poway, “The City in the Country.”

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