Rancho Bernardo Marijuana, Poway Elections

September 28, 2022
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Urbn Leaf wants to move into Rancho Bernardo

Urbn Leaf, a marijuana dispensary, wants to move into the long abandoned El Torito restaurant location in Rancho Bernardo.  As you might imagine, the locals are not taking this Rancho Bernardo marijuana situation sitting down. We cover the story, the objections by the RB Community Planning Board, the objections by residents and the churches, and the comments from notable community leaders Robin Kaufman, Patrick Batten and Marni von Wilpert.

It seems to me that many people continue to see cannabis as some sort of Reefer Madness drug that corrupts society rather than the medicine that it is. We examine the benefits of cannabis as well the community standards when it comes to more dangerous drugs like alcohol.

Poway Political Candidate Podcast Interviews

Be sure to mark your calendar for these podcast interviews with local political candidates:

  • Tuesday Oct 4th at 7pm – Hiram Soto (Poway District 1)
  • Monday Oct 10th at 7pm – Kevin Juza (Poway District 3)
  • Wednesday October 12th at 7pm – Yuri Bohlen (Poway Mayor)
    • PROGRAM NOTE: This has been rescheduled to Wednesday October 19th at 7pm.
  • Friday October 14th at 7pm – Delta Esparza (Poway Mayor)

These interviews will all be livestreamed on both the John Riley Project YouTube page and Facebook page.  You can participate in the podcast and ask questions by typing in your comments and questions in the chat.

I am also hopeful to livestream the Green Valley Civic Associate Candidate Forum Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm in the Mickey Cafagna Community Center.

I also discussed my recent meeting with Poway District 3 candidate Kevin Juza. We had a wonderful discussion about major issues in Poway including the Poway Road Development, Climate Change Plan, Fiscal Transparency, the potential of a Poway Water Bond and more. Be sure to tune into the Kevin Juza interview podcast Monday Oct 10th at 7pm to hear him explain his position on these issues and more.

Vacation in Eastern Canada

I also share some of the highlights of our recent 2-week adventure in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Maine. We had a great experience!

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Thank you!

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