Royal Family, Schools, Stimulus JRP0210

March 8, 2021
There’s a con game going on and many are not seeing the evidence right before their very eyes.  We discuss the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as the history of the Royal Family.  We talk about the great results La Jolla Country Day School is getting from technology to overcome COVID and why Gavin Newsom’s team keeps San Diego and Poway schools closed.  Finally, we discuss how Biden’s $1.9T stimulus will make the rich richer and widen the wealth inequality gap. #RoyalFamily #LaJollaCountryDay #StimulusPackage   Relevant Articles: Let’s Clear the Air on the Best Way to Reopen Schools Poway Unified reopening appeal denied by state   John Riley Project Info:   Bookings? Inquiries? Contact me at   Sponsorship Inquiries:   YouTube Channel:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram:   iTunes:   Spotify:   Stitcher:   Google Podcasts:   Tune In:–Culture-Podcasts/John-Riley-Project-Podcast-p1154415/   Listen Notes:   Music: