San Diego News Update Oct 4: Sports Arena Housing, El Cajon Granny Flats, Escondido Cannabis

October 4, 2023
John Riley discusses San Diego News Update Oct 4: Sports Arena Housing, El Cajon Granny Flats, Escondido Cannabis

The Midway Rising project at the site of the San Diego Sports Arena has changed their plan on housing and San Diego City Council representatives are angry! We also discuss El Cajon ADUs, Escondido Cannabis, new CA Senator Laphonza Butler, and Gavin Newsom vetoing UE benefits for striking workers.

It’s Wednesday, October 4, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Midway Rising Dumps Middle Income Homes, Hotel

The San Diego Sports Arena construction project now has a few changes. Due to mortgage rates and other economic conditions, they are dropping 2,500 “middle income” housing units and replacing them with “market rate” housing. What do you think? Is this a betrayal of the deal made with the City of San Diego?

El Cajon Housing Crisis Fix?

Mayor Bill Wells and the City Council have a plan to expand Granny Flats, aka Accessory Dwelling Units. This should be a great program to provide more affordable housing, right? Their plan will only benefit 6 property owners. Why not just deregulate construction?

California Governor Gavin Newsom Vetoes Unemployment Pay for Striking Workers

Should striking workers be eligible for Unemployment Benefits? Gavin Newsom vetoed a plan to do just that, but not for the reasons you might think.

Escondido Considers Cannabis Tax, Hotel Tax, Parcel Tax

There is trouble with the City of Escondido’s budget. They need to raise revenue and/or reduce expenses to erase their structural deficit. The city is conducting a survey to see if locals would consider allowing cannabis dispensaries so the city can enjoy a special tax. They are also considering a Transient Occupancy Tax and a Parcel Tax. Escondido voters have already rejected a Sales Tax increase.

Laphonza Butler to replace Dianne Feinstein as California Senator

Laphonza who? This progressive activist has been appointed by Gavin Newsom to replace the recently deceased Dianne Feinstein. It seems that we hear she is Black, a woman, and LGTBQ well before we understand her background and experience. What exactly should qualify a candidate for this position?

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