SANDAG Mileage Tax, Climate and Housing Clash in Mira Mesa

February 23, 2023
SANDAG mileage tax, climate change and housing in Mira Mesa, GOP and Social Security

San Diego County leaders are pushing for major changes in our region. Look in the crystal ball and we can see plans for more housing, more trolleys, more busses, more people, and now a per mile mileage tax. Can San Diego accommodate more growth? What do think of their plans to make this happen?

It is Wednesday, February 22nd. Here is a roundup of news stories in and around San Diego County. Here is what John Riley thinks:

Is SANDAG’s Mileage Tax moral or practical?

This mileage tax proposed by SANDAG is causing plenty of discussion for San Diegans. We are already paying property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes and income taxes to fund roads, highways and freeways. Now they want to add another tax. Didn’t SANDAG pass the TRANSNET sales tax increase decades ago to fund this?

How are they going to charge per mile? Seems like we will either have GPS devices tracking our driving patterns and this raises valid concerns about privacy.

Their plan is already charging a grandma in Rancho Bernardo a sales tax increase so a student from a rich family can take the trolley to college at a low price. Is that moral?

Are trains and subways the right vision for the future? Or will self-driving electric vehicles offer a better solution that can function as individualized pods that get you right to your destination while also working in a swarm like mass transit?

Climate change activists are suing to stop Mira Mesa’s long-term housing plan

Mira Mesa recently announced a 30-year growth plan and Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation, or CERF, is suing the City of San Diego because the plan does not match up with their climate plan for carbon emission reduction. Now climate goals and housing goals are stalled while lawyers sort this out. Are these groups counter productively harming their own interests?

Will the GOP kill Social Security?

Social Security has been in the news since the State of the Union address when President Biden accused the Republicans of wanting to slash Social Security spending. Sure, there are a few Republicans that want to do this, but do you think the GOP has the cajónes to actually do it? Is it in the GOP’s best interest to cut spending for their senior citizen voter base? We break down the controversy and discuss the morality and mechanics of Social Security.

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Chris Cate Tweet, Feb 21: You know what. Screw it. Let’s just not build anything anymore. What housing crisis?

Enviro Law Group Sues San Diego for Missing Climate Goals in Mira Mesa

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