SANDAG per mile tax, Squid Game, Poway News, JRP0258

November 4, 2021
SANDAG, per mile tax, public transportation, san diego, poway, vaus, squid game, john riley project, JRP0258

SANDAG has a plan to tax you per mile to help pay for their $160B public transportation plan. Why this big push for a utopian mass transit system when so few people use the existing trolleys and carpool/bus systems? We break down SANDAG’s plan including their proposal to supplement the existing gas tax with an added per mile tax. How do they plan to do this? Will the gas tax eventually be retired? Then we discuss SANDAG’s plan to charge non-users of public transportation pay so users can ride for free.

Squid Game is the hot new show on Netflix. We explore the characters, the plot line and wonder why this is the most watched show in Netflix history. Then we get into the symbolism of the show. Is it a reflection of capitalism? A reflection of socialism? Are viewers channeling their own debt anxiety through these characters?

Finally, we take a look recent Poway news including the recall effort of Poway Mayor Steve Vaus. We also discuss the 40% hike in water rates and the efforts of Poway community organizers to legally block the hike.

So much good stuff!

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