San Diego News Update April 12: SDGE Rates, Mass Transit Problems, Water Rationing

April 12, 2023
John Riley discusses San Diego News Update April 12: SDGE Rates, Mass Transit Problems, Water Rationing

SDGE wants to base their electricity prices on your personal income. How can they do that? Meanwhile, mass transit in CA is facing a huge fiscal cliff as ridership is way down and COVID relief money is drying up. It’s as if all rationality has left the discussion in the economy. It’s about feelings rather than reason.

It’s Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

SDGE electricity rates based on your income level.

SDGE plans to create a flat rate based on your income level, but with a lower variable rate based on usage. The plan is to offer income relief for low-income people and save money for big energy users. Wait, what? I thought they wanted us to conserve. I think it’s a scheme to generate more revenue in response to the vast number of customers that are signing up for solar energy.

California Mass Transit – Fiscal Cliff!

Is mass transit the right long-term answer for California? Ridership numbers are down and govt subsidies are drying up. How are they going to pay for this?

Colorado River Water Rationing coming soon.

If the states can’t work out an agreement, then the federal government will step in and decide for them. There’s not enough water coming down the Colorado River to satisfy a growing population. Conservation isn’t the answer. Humans need to manufacture, recycle, capture, and store their drinking water.

La Mesa Vice Mayor Colin Parent running for State Assembly

More fall out from the Nathan Fletcher scandal. Politicians are shifting and capitalizing on opportunities. Now Colin Parent announces a run for State Assembly. Parent is an advocate for mass transit, affordable housing, and safe, walkable neighborhoods.

County of San Diego provides “surplus property” for the Homeless

If you really think about it, homelessness is the result of government policies that limit housing growth, prevent high rises, and prevent evictions. And don’t get me started on PTSD caused by politicians sending American troops into immoral wars. In a refreshing change, here is a short term solution to help get homeless people off the streets and into safe accommodations. These are govt buildings that are no longer used.

UCSD and SDSU Students protest banning homeless encampments.

Mustard Seed Project students are advocating for humane solutions to help the homeless. But are their feel-good ideas preventing us from getting to a solution?

UCSD Chancellor gets $500,000 raise.

Pradeep Khosla was considering a higher paying university job elsewhere, so the UC Board of Regents stepped up to give him a $500,000 raise to keep him. The money is coming from wealthy donors that want to see his leadership continue at UC San Diego.

Palomar Health Nurses to get a $100,000 retention bonus.

Looking for a secure job with good pay and benefits? Consider nursing. There is a bidding war for nurses in San Diego as Kaiser Permanente prepares to open a new hospital in San Marcos. Palomar Health is fighting hard to prevent their nurses from jumping ship.

Low Riders Rejoice! Cruising ban lifted in National City

National City passed legislation to make cruising legal again. The Low Rider community is overjoyed as they can celebrate art, culture, and family in their community. This is the United States of America. How can life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be illegal in the first place?

Poway School Bond already cost us $1 Billion.

In a Letter to the Editor at Pomerado News, Poway resident calls out Marian Kim-Phelps’ plan for a school bond when we haven’t even started paying for the last Billion Dollar Bond.

Rancho Bernardo is getting a Cannabis Dispensary

Despite local objections, the San Diego Planning Commission is allowing the Urbn Leaf cannabis dispensary to open in Rancho Bernardo. Is this going to “bring the wrong element” to RB? Or is this a legitimate business that sells medicine that offers people pain relief?

San Diego Pothole Robot Survey

If you see an unusual white van prowling your neighborhood, don’t be alarmed. That might be San Diego’s new high-tech vehicle that measures pothole size, road smoothness, and other variations of crumbling roads. The City hopes to get a treasure trove of data to show them which roads need the most help right now. Do they really need to make it this complex?

San Diego Community Forum

Our livestream viewers and YouTube comments discuss a range of issues including greedy landlords, school district finances, vacant homes to solve homelessness, and much more.

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