Smash and Grab, JRP0261

December 2, 2021

Smash and Grab is in the news as we see flash mobs showing up, not to dance, but to damage property and steal goods from stores. We are even seeing increased crime of commercial establishments here in my hometown of Poway CA. What is going on here?

On one hand police in many cities are not pursuing petty theft crimes. There is a new normalization happening in society where some people think commercial burglary is no big deal. These businesses owners are rich and have insurance, right? Some would say this is evidence of desperate people making desperate choices during a tough economic time. Or could it be an erosion of a sound moral code of being an upstanding citizen that has abandoned the ideas of “thou shall not lie, cheat or steal”? We break it all down, including looking at policies where police resources are diverted to focus on issues like Civil Asset Forfeiture. Instead of protecting us from thieves, the police are the ones doing the theft.

Omicron is Creating a New Hysteria!

The Omicron variant is here, and the media is having a field day. But how dangerous is this new virus? We examine how government at all levels is reacting by further limiting individual rights.

EV Road Trip to NorCal Missions and UCSD Hoops Game

I also share my EV road trip to Sacramento to see the UC San Diego men’s basketball team face off against the Hornets of Sacramento State. We discuss EV charging adventures and visiting California Missions along the way.

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