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October 20, 2021

The supply chain mess is everywhere you look. Ships are waiting offshore near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. There are product shortages and worker shortages. Mass chaos!

We break down all of the reasons for the Supply Chain Mess. Who is to blame? The government, of course! They are distorting the market with artificially high demand and artificially low supply.

Prices go up. We get product shortages.

Our discussion explores bailouts, stimulus, stay-at-home orders, and easy loans. We discuss the impact of business shutdowns, early retirement, immigration, career changes, and tariffs. Plus we get into housing, trucking, college, automobiles, microchips, healthcare and much more.

Trucker Stories

Then I share stories of my childhood being raised in a trucking family. I describe the challenges of an owner-operator. We discuss how trucking companies outsource the financial risk to naïve business owners. There used to be great pride of being a truck owner. We get into Smokey and the Bandit, CW McCall, CB radios, and listening to San Francisco Giants games all over Northern California. I also share my terrifying experiences driving over the San Mateo Hayward Bay Bridge as a 10-year-old in a semi-truck.

Poway News Update

I also offer a range of news updates on hot topics in Poway including the new plan for The Outpost, the lights at Starridge Park, the new Poway water infrastructure plan. Then I also share thoughts on Poway Water Rates, the Sports Arena site, and both San Diego State Aztec and UC San Diego Triton sports programs.


Finally, I share my initial insights with the SEO tool ahrefs. Plus, strategies to get your website to rank highly in Google.

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