The Other Guy Has Rights Too, JRP0133

May 23, 2020
The Other Guy Has Rights Too, Costco, COVID, property rights, inalienable rights, John Riley Project, JRP0133

Rights are not just for you.  Other people have rights too.  We examine this from a number of angles including the COVID mask crisis at Costco and the government violating the inalienable rights of businesses owners by declaring them “non-essential” and shutting them down.  We also discuss Justin Amash’s decision to step down from his race for US President.


We get into a wide range of people and topics including PPP, Paycheck Protection Program, Wells Fargo, Joe Rogan, Spotify, Jerry Sloan, Utah Jazz, The Last Dance, Hertz, property rights, Costco, Richard Rider, San Diego Tax Fighters, Specialty’s Café, inalienable rights, Home Depot, Walmart, selfishness, Justin Amash, Libertarian Party, Joe Biden, Donald Trump.


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‘I’m not doing it’: Man refusing to wear mask inside Costco kicked out of store





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