The Pope and Capitalism, JRP0172

October 5, 2020

In the Pope’s latest teachings, he has criticized capitalism for the response to COVID, but also more broadly with income inequality, trickle down theory and individual rights.  We break down the article in AP News that summarizes many of the Pope’s comments.  We discuss Pope Francis’ background as a Peronist from Argentina and how this influences his views.  We discuss the Pope’s rightful condemnation of “just war” and how that compares with Pope John Paul II and many other Pope’s in history.  I share my big revelation how socialism is secularized Christianity and how so many of the Pope’s comments fit this paradigm.  We get into capitalism, inalienable rights, private property, and free markets.  We discuss income inequality, the many cases in history of the church opposing science, and pushing forward policies that violate the rights of others.  We also discuss Milton Friedman, Phil Donahue, China, Nixon, Reagan and much more.  We are told to never discuss religion and politics with others.  We totally violate the rule.


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Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform

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