Trump and Libertarians, Election Propaganda, Vacation in Ireland

June 12, 2024
John Riley discusses Trump and Libertarians, Election Propaganda, Vacation in Ireland

There’s not much to discuss at the local level here in San Diego or Poway, so I thought I would comment on some of the bigger national stories. We will discuss Donald Trump, Trump’s attempt to partner with the Libertarian Party, breaking down political myths, and a review of our vacation in Ireland. Got a comment or question? Type it in the live chat on Facebook, X or YouTube.

It’s Wednesday, June 12, 2024. This is what John Riley thinks.

Donald Trump and the Libertarian Party

The headlines in the media are about the rowdy libertarians booing Trump. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in what made this event so nuts.

Libertarians were trying to negotiate with a con man. They were hoping that by supporting Trump, Trump would in turn support some of their causes.

There can be no advancement of liberty when dealing with an authoritarian con man. It’s like Chamberlain trying to appease Hitler. It’s like negotiating with terrorists.

Breaking Down Political Myths:

  • Trump lowered taxes for the middle class!
    • Trump raised tariffs. Trump raised income taxes by limiting SALT deductions. Trump wants to raise tariffs much, much more. Don’t tell me Trump lowered your taxes.
  • GOP says, “Prices have now risen by 20.1 percent since Biden took office.”
    • Prices will rise even more when Trump radically increases tariffs.
  • Heather Cox Richardson: Just a reminder that what has driven us into debt is not Social Security and Medicare, but rather the George W. Bush tax cuts and the Trump tax cuts, both of which disproportionately benefited the wealthy and corporations.
    • Even with those tax cuts, revenue is up. The problem with debt is mostly a spending problem. With rare exception, they run deficits nearly every year, even before those tax cuts.
    • Trump and Bush tax cuts impacted revenue about $200B/yr. each, yet the deficit is nearly $2T.
  • Biden: Time for billionaires to pay their “fair share”!
    • Never defined, never explained, just means more.
    • What is a fair share?

Ireland Vacation Highlights

Our Ireland vacation was splendid. Beautiful countryside villages and small fishing harbors. Mizen Head, Garnish Island, Cliffs of Moher, Kinsale Scilly Walk were highlights in Ireland.

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