It is Election Day Eve and people are feeling anxiety, worry and excitement about the upcoming election results.  People want to know who their leaders are going to be.  But should you be looking to them as leaders, or instead lead your own life?  We talk about the idea of being the President of You.  I share my thoughts and discoveries on my sabbatical here in Pahrump as I work to improve my body, mind, and happiness.  What kind of work are you doing to take charge of your own life? #JohnRileyProject #election2020 #selfimprovement #Pahrump   JRP0184   John Riley Project Info:   Bookings? Inquiries? Contact me at   Sponsorship Inquiries:   YouTube Channel:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram:   iTunes:   Spotify:   Stitcher:   Google Podcasts:   Tune In:–Culture-Podcasts/John-Riley-Project-Podcast-p1154415/   Listen Notes:   Music: