Yuri Bohlen, Poway Mayoral Candidate

October 20, 2022
Yuri Bohlen, Poway Mayor, John Riley Project

Yuri Bohlen is a candidate for Poway Mayor, and he joined me for a marathon 3-hour podcast covering so many hot topics in the City of Poway. Our livestream audience was also continually active presenting questions and comments for Yuri to respond to. Here are the highlights:

Yuri wants to make “Poway the City in the Country” again. He wants to stop unfair housing mandates from Sacramento and let Poway make decisions for Poway’s own future.

We spoke about many of the development projects going on in Poway including the Outpost, Fairfield, and The Farm in Poway.

Yuri Bohlen shared his plans to improve senior services and the homeless.

Yuri felt passionately about the thrift stores displaced by the Fairfield development project. He wants to work with Poway Councilperson, Caylin Frank, to help these thrift shops find a new home.

Yuri wants to improve communication with the people and get their input on housing development with a Residential District Review committee.

We spoke about the increase of crime in Poway, particularly home thefts and catalytic converter heists. Yuri shared his thoughts on making Poway a safer city.

Yuri Bohlen was a candidate for mayor in 2018 and has done his due diligence in the past 4 years. He is much more informed on the issues, including detailed city council agenda items and the broader topic of property rights.

Even though Yuri is running for mayor, he is often a vocal supporter of current Poway Mayor, Steve Vaus. We explored this apparent dichotomy giving Yuri an opportunity to clarify this issue.

There was all sorts of great questions and comments from the livestream audience, including the “social media drama” that play out in the local Poway Facebook groups.

Thanks to the livestream audience for so many great questions and comments. We value your input!

Thank you!

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