John Riley Project: Phase 2 Underway

October 29, 2018

As election season winds down, this offers a natural break point to assess what I have learned and plan for the future.  When I got this project started I knew a long form, talk show format with local political candidates would be a great place to start.  They need to get their message out and I need guests and content to build the project.  Win-Win.  Phase 1 of the project has been a successful proof-of-concept.  I was able to build an audience, learn to be a host, build a studio set, acquire and learn the technology to do podcasting and much more.  So what is next?

I have numerous plans currently in motion:

  • The studio is changing.  I have ordered a set of leather chairs, a small coffee table and additional items to create a more relaxed environment for conversation.  The two large tables will be retained as an alternative set that may work well for larger group interviews.  Finally, one of those tables can be reconfigured as a desk for solo podcasts.  We can mix-and-match the configuration of the studio to fit with our objective for the day.
  • Topics will go well beyond politics.  I look forward to conversations with athletes, coaches, authors, historians, business people, professors, economists, community leaders and much more.  We will still discuss politics but it will be just one piece of the puzzle.  If you would like to be a guest or would like to recommend a somebody, then please contact me at
  • I will mix in more solo podcasts.  I know going forward identifying and booking quality guests will be more difficult, so I will have time to do more solo broadcasts.  Meanwhile, I have so much to say on a wide variety of topics, particularly on current events from my own particular point of view.  A nice mix of guest interviews and solo podcasts will offer viewers/listeners a good variety and keep me energized with new ideas.
  • You can now donate to the project. I have setup a Patreon page that allows people to donate small monthly amounts ($2-$10) to help me create more quality content for everyone to enjoy.  I will use the pledges to invest in creative people and new technology so we can experiment, innovate and come forward with new ways of sharing big ideas.

To infinity and beyond!  Now let’s conquer Monday.